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Retail sales remain steady

This equals a $265 million increase, following a slight increase in the June 2015 quarter of $59 million.

Total sales hit $874 million, an increase on the September 2014 quarter.

Motor vehicle and parts retailing was one of the stand out categories, up five percent in sales. It contributed to almost a quarter of the total increase.

Statistics New Zealand business indicators manager Neil Kelly said several car dealers were on track to achieve record sales this year.

Electrical and electronic goods were up 6.6 percent, while food and beverage services were up 2.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the non-store and commission-based retailing category that includes online-only retailers hit $304 million, an increase of 45 percent in actual terms from 2014.

Retail NZ chief executive Mark Johnston says the results show it’s more important than ever for retailers to be available wherever customers want to shop, including online.

“Spend by New Zealanders on foreign websites is not reported in the Retail Trade Survey – but other sources show it also continues to increase rapidly in terms of value and the number of transactions,” Johnston says.

“Retailers are telling us that while they’ve been mostly been hitting sales targets for the past quarter, global e-tailers continue to compete aggressively for domestic business.”

In the US, retail sales rose less than expected, only up 0.1 percent in October.

Economists had forecast sales to increase 0.3 percent. Core retail sales previously dipped 0.1 percent in September.

Check out our graph below on New Zealand vs US retail sales over the years.

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