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Kiwis had a cracker of a Guy Fawkes

Bad Boy Fireworks started in 2005 with a few street-side stores. It now span the entire country. The company says it strive to push the limits in design and sound. Its parent company, Universal Pyrotechnics Limited, is well known for spectacular displays, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Products range from the starter pack – ideal for a young family; the nitro pack – a medium range pack for beginner thrill seekers; to the explosive pack – for those that want to show off.

Boom Brothers make two trips each year to China where staff handpick the fireworks. The company talks to the manufactures to make sure the fireworks are at their highest quality. Boom Brother says it aims to bring the best to its customers at an affordable price. It has a large range of products, including smaller fireworks suitable for kids. If someone’s looking for a bigger bang, Boom Brothers says its bigger fireworks are ‘darker’ and more military-like.

Laws around fireworks sales mean they can only be sold between November 2 and November 5. Fireworks can only be sold to a person over 18, and must be tested for safety before being sold to the public. A store must have an approved handler present if it’s stocking more than 500kg of fireworks, and a store must make sure the fireworks is in a hazard substance location if it stocks more than 1000kg. For a store to stock up on more than 10,000kg it must get a test certificate. 

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