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Advice on US ecommerce from Kiwi retailer 1Above

1Above’s first outlet was a kiosk opened in Auckland airport less than five years ago. It said in September that its strategy is to concentrate on multi-store airport retailers, along with specialty retailers such as pharmacy and nutrition outlets.

CEO Stephen Smith told The Register that airports are great places to retail because they guarantee captive audiences who want to shop. Long opening hours offer added complications, as do diverse nationalities and currencies, but these are all easily overcome.

1Above products now stocked by more than 60 US retailers. 1Above reports that the majority of sales come from its online store. It is also stocked by Amazon.

1Above CEO Stephen Smith says over the past two years, the company has seen sales moving further into the online space to service increased demand from consumers worldwide.

“Our partnership with Amazon allows us to reach those who are time poor and may not work regular hours or be near a kiosk,” Smith says.

Research from US firm eMarketer provided by 1Above indicates ecommerce will account for 7.3 percent of global retail sales this year, growing to 12.4 percent by 2019. Smith says these figures ring true with 1Above. He believes that the key to any business wanting to expand and reach further clientele is an online store.

“Without an online store to cover where a kiosk may not be able to, it is harder to gain reach in additional countries and expand globally,” he says.

The Amazon partnership was enabled by 1Above’s partnership with a New Zealand exporter, ExportZ.

Paul Grey, CEO of ExportX, says, “USA ecommerce is growing at 13 percent year on year, and we’ve already seen 1Above as a proven success achieving national reach across the USA immediately. The biggest challenge we have now for 1Above and Amazon, is keeping up with demand.”

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