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Secret shopper: Leigh Hart

+ What was the last purchase you were excited about, and why?  

I got a tailor made suit from Working Style. For the first time ever, I actually look forward to occasions where I might wear a light blue suit.

 + Can you tell me about a retail experience you’ve had that was exciting or interesting?

While attempting to buy lingerie for my wife, the staff at this particular store seemed quite insistent on showcasing/modelling each design themselves. I left confused but with more items than I had planned on purchasing.

+ What was your worst retail experience? 

While ‘just browsing’ at a pet store I was bitten by a guinea pig and urinated on by a puppy. Actually, I think the guinea pig urinated on me as well, then my eftpos card got declined while purchasing dog biscuits.

 + Tell me about a purchase that solved a problem for you.  

I purchased a bungy cord device for swimming in the home pool. I no longer had any excuses for not using the pool for fitness.

+ Can you think of any item or service that would be useful to you but doesn’t exist yet? 

A service where somebody with the exact same build as you, tries on all the clothes you are interested in while on a shopping spree. I hate trying on clothes.

+ What’s an item that you’re planning on buying soon?

A new HD television camera, or a new Gibson electric guitar.

+ What’s your favourite store? 

The Rock Shop on K Road. I often find myself buying things I don’t need and hardly ever use. Mid-life crisis type items, like electric guitars and recording equipment that could be used to make my non-existent greatest hits album. Perhaps I will call it Deluded.

This story was originally published in NZ Retail magazine issue 739, August / September 2015.

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