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Target creates spooky virtual reality series to sell Halloween goods

The six-part series takes viewers through a series of videos and at the end of each one, they’re prompted to choose their own adventure or explore a room.

Smartphone users can view the room in 360 degrees by tilting and angling the phone screen.

Once viewers have a look around a virtual room, they can shop the items that are a part of that room’s theme, such as decorative pumpkins, costumes and skull buckets.

Links on the YouTube videos take the viewers directly to curated product pages on Target’s website.

The series is targeted at shoppers who are decorating their homes, getting the kids dressed up or hosting a Halloween party.

Target hopes it will inspire Halloween enthusiasts who are under pressure to pull together something awe worthy for the event.

Though New Zealanders aren’t as fanatical about the occasion as their American cohorts, the series is a good source of inspiration for unique ways retailers can excite shoppers.

Other age-old celebrations, like Christmas, could be also spruced up with this kind of retail promotion.


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