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Aussie mall urges shoppers to skip work to avoid weekend crowds

Don’t think shoppers would take the centre up on its offer? Think again.

Marketing manager Natasha Storch says the Big Day Off campaign was a huge success last year.

“Specialty store sales increased by 10.9 per cent, average Facebook engagement increased by 66 per cent and the Special Offers page on our website achieved an average of 935 unique page views per day,” Storch says.

In a poll on Facebook asking Kiwis what they hated the most about Christmas shopping, some of the responses included:

– “I hate how packed the malls are, how there is no parking and how loud everything is when I just want to relax and have a coffee.”

– “Last minute packed malls.”

– “Too many people.”

– “The carols, I’m a big lover of Christmas but when you’ve heard the same 10 songs for three months you start singing the next song before it even comes on and it drives you nutty. Mix it up guys!”

There were a few suggestions for changes retailers could make, including:

– “I think retailers should offer little treats like mince pies/Christmas cake/ strawberries etc for shoppers.”

– “Maybe free delivery from the standard shops? More late nights? Ear plugs? Free ice blocks? Clowns to distract angry loud children?”

– “Hold a couple of late nights leading up to Christmas so people who work don’t miss out and make sure you’ve got enough stock. No one likes arriving to shop and everything has gone. Make sure you have someone on the floor tidying up displays and offering to help because it hurts my head and eyes to look at messy displays.”

Clearly, the stressful nature of Christmas shopping is a bugbear for many shoppers and they’re keen to avoid large crowds.

Storch says the Big Day Out campaign brings benefits to both retailers and customers, as it makes the experience a more pleasant one. 

“Christmas is the biggest time of year for shopping centres but also the most frustrating time for shoppers, so we wanted to try and take the frustration out of it by making the whole experience more enjoyable.”

It kicks off Monday next week and will run every weekday until November 27.

The centre says there will be up to 70 percent off brands, such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Nike and Mimco.

We’re looking for local examples of retailers who are going above and beyond to make Christmas shopping more enjoyable. Are you doing anything special, or do you know of anyone who is? Get in touch with us at editor@theregister.co.nz.

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