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Move over, Apple Watch: Mastercard to turn clothes into payment devices

The Apple Watch and contactless card payments are so 2015. Mastercard has announced a new programme in the works that turns rings, bracelets or clothes into wireless payment devices, taking the technology in a very interesting internet-of-things direction.rn

Wireless payments have been around for a wee while now, though not every store has them.

But it seems as though contactless payments via debit and credit cards will soon be outdated if Mastercard has anything to do with it.

The company has launched a commerce for every device programme that can turn any object, from smartphone to “smart ring”, into a device that can wirelessly pay for stuff.

Fashion designer Adam Selman is part of the expert panel brought on, as well as wearable technology maker Nymi, Bluetooth locator TrackR and jewellery company Ringly,

to make a variety of consumer products that can double as payment devices.

Selman has so far produced prototypes for two dresses, gloves, sunglasses and a handbag. All are all imbedded with microchips for payment.

Even car keys may be able to pay for stuff, as General Motors is on board to help with the technology.

The company also mysteriously alludes to “yet to be imagined categories”.

We’re trying to imagine what this could possibly be – your dog? They’re already micro-chipped, so you may as well add a payment device in there.

The company plans to have the first devices for sale by 2016, starting with the US and then expanding to other markets.

By the time it hits New Zealand shores, most retailers may have just caught up with contactless card payments. 

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