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Pressed is a juicy new pop-up

Auckland juice bar Pressed is leveraging a trifecta of retail trends: raw food; pop-up outlets and office delivery. The outlet has popped up on Shortland St and will sell cold-pressed juice until Christmas Eve before closing down.

It has partnered with boutique bicycle delivery firm Urban Sherpa to deliver its juices to offices in the Auckland CBD for free. Pressed’s store was designed by Pop Up Now, a sister brand to Spaceworks.

“The design creates a real juxtaposition between urban grit and fresh and natural,” Pop Up Now founder and managing director Lizzi Hines says. “This is exactly the vision we brought to life in such a short-time and like any well-designed pop up store, everything can be lifted up and taken away without too much effort or hassle.”

Hines also spoke of a retail operating running out of a tuk-tuk in Wellington. The Cart Co. sells food and coffee, and supports local youth by providing job opportunities.

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