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Grilled wedding cake sandwich, anyone?

Swedish cheese company Jarlsberg has begun promoting a wedding cake sandwich made out of cheese, meat and bread. It’s an elaborate affair, probably not to be attempted at home.

As part of Jarlsberg’s ‘Make a Sandwish’ campaign, the company got top Kiwi chef Ben Bayley to front a campaign challenging Kiwi consumers to suggest a dish that should be recreated as a sandwich.  The wedding cake sandwich was one of three sandwiches, which also included ‘Gaspacio Soup’ (sic) and ‘Mac and Cheese’.

Rolando Schirato, managing director of Jarlsberg distributor Vittoria Food and Beverage, said Bayley was chosen to front the international campaign because of his ability to turn ordinary meals into extraordinary dishes.

“His creativity blew us away and we were amazed with the results, especially the wedding cake,” Schirato says. “We are very focused on digital and specifically social at present and interacting directly with consumers is proving incredibly valuable for us.”

We found Jarlsberg’s cake a bit much, particularly in its fried incarnation. Moore Wilson’s is currently promoting a different kind of cheese wedding cake across its social channels – their version is really just a selection of delicious Kapiti cheese rounds, stacked in a way that mimics the traditional towering wedding cake.

The Wellington specialty grocery store is giving one of these creations away in a prize draw intended to encourage shoppers to set up their wedding registry through its ‘Variety’ section for kitchen and homewares.

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