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Get your head in the cloud – running a business in the 21st Century

Fallout from the web revolution

With the rapid technology advancements we’ve all seen, many businesses find it hard to stay up to date with computer hardware and operating systems. As well, finding, training and keeping staff capable of using the new technology is also an issue.

Remember when staff wasted valuable hours coping with the confusion of two or more systems, and the laborious transfer of data during changeovers? Wait – they still do. It’s frustrating and expensive. And yet, what was meant to be so efficient and great for business  often turns out to be a dead weight.

The mushrooming cloud

Forget all the humming computers. Now there’s the cloud. It’s where more and more business functions are taken care of without that huge hardware expense. Here too is where savvy new companies are daily disrupting and outstripping their much larger and less adaptable competitors.

Gone are the days of investing in hardware, and cost saving isn’t the only advantage. Now accounting, planning, process, communication, sales and product innovation can all be done with the simplicity and connectivity of cloud computing.

Adaptability is the key to survival.

At Fusion5, we work in an exciting digital space, offering cloud-based software that can be customised for any size of business. By embracing the cloud’s agility and future-proofing, inevitable changes can be managed and turned into an opportunity to innovate and profit.

There are all kinds of changes happening. For instance, business lines are blurring. These days, it’s not enough to offer a quality product at a good price – customers also look for servitisation, even if they don’t know the word. Training, design, technical support – these are some of the services customers expect when they buy a product. They also expect productisation when they access a service – a package deal and a set price they can budget for.

And these days, customers expect instant, personal communication and service. If you have the systems to attract them, remember them and give them a streamlined experience, you’ll drive exceptional loyalty that will translate to better profits.

Get connected, stay connected

In the cloud, not only are businesses more adaptable, they’re more connected – clients, branches, and previously siloed departments meet at a central point in the cloud. Enterprises using this technology have a competitive edge over last century’s players. The simplicity and efficiency of cloud computing streamlines all their processes and communications, and sends them surging ahead of larger, more traditional companies.

With Fusion5’s help, new companies can quickly gain a global presence, and established ones can instantly launch new products or services. Staff can work efficiently at their core jobs, and coordinate instantly with peers across the world.

Best of all, cloud computing means a business can be ready for anything.

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