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Businesses save time and money with Meridian Energy

New technologies save time on admin

Willow Shoes owner Georgie Falloon says new technologies and suppliers who understand her expanding shoe business have been really important in helping her manage it.

“A growing business comes with increasing admin which has meant I’ve employed someone to help as well as integrating new technologies as much as I can. Cloud computing and Xero have made it really easy for us to share the admin workload when we’re in different locations” explains Falloon.

Meridian the only power company to connect to Xero

Now Meridian customers, like Falloon, have the unique benefit of no longer having to manually enter their bill details into Xero – they simply flow through automatically once you’re signed up.

Falloon is really excited to hear that Meridian has connected with Xero. “As an owner of a small business I don’t want to worry about my monthly bills for essentials like power – they usually follow a pattern. I just want to be alerted to the spikes,” says Falloon.

The integration between Meridian’s online energy tool MyMeridian and Xero Business Connect means you don’t have to manage your bills on both platforms. However, for those who want to track their energy usage and be alerted to energy spikes, MyMeridian has some really useful features.

Connecting your MyMeridian and Xero accounts is really simple. “I can’t believe how easy it was; it just took a minute and it’s going to save so much time in the future,” says Falloon.

The Meridian-Xero connection saves you time, but because it removes any room for error, your accountant will love it too.

Meridian offers energy savings advice to RightWay clients

In addition to partnering with Xero, Meridian is delighted to be teaming up with accountancy and advisory firm RightWay, also a significant Xero partner. RightWay helps businesses earn more and stress less, and with expertise from Meridian, will soon be offering energy efficiency advice to help their clients save even more.

RightWay CEO and co-founder Greg Sheehan says, “Having Meridian come on board with Xero and supporting us with energy-savings advice is great news for our clients. We’re always keen to get involved in initiatives that help improve the bottom line and do things more efficiently.”

Of RightWay, Falloon says: “They’re not your typical accountants, they don’t just care about the dollars; they’ve been great at giving advice on the overall health of my business, and they understand I have a life outside work too”.

She adds, “If there are ways I can save on my electricity bill, I’m keen to hear about that too. Thanks again Meridian.”

Ask one of Meridian’s business specialists to call or visit you or call us on 0800 496 777.

Both Meridian Energy and RightWay are partners of Retail NZ.

MyMeridian  − giving you the ability to track your energy use online, any time

MyMeridian is an online tool that helps you track your energy use and pay your account online. It’s been developed as a self-service tool for your convenience so you can:

  • Pay your bills via credit card and set up/turn off recurring credit card payments
  • View your bills and transactions (including any that are unbilled)
  • Download your bills
  • Update your details, e.g. email address or password
  • Get alerts if your bill looks like higher than usual
  • Switch to e-billing (bills via email)

If you’ve got a supported smart meter, access the ‘My energy use’ part of MyMeridian and get graphs of hourly usage info updated daily plus email alerts and reports on the energy you use.

Meridian customers can sign up to MyMeridian at mymeridian.co.nz.

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