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There’s luxury Christmas presents, and then there’s Neiman Marcus

There are only three custom-designed and built motorcycles available. A-list movie star Keanu Reeves has personally crafted each bike with his own hands, and will accompany their purchaser on a tour through Malibu and Santa Monica. The machines are each priced at US$150,000.

Another pricey excursion on the list is a trip to India, via O’Harani Luxe Experiences for $400,000.

The Neiman Marcus Mustang costs $95,000.

These items barely make a dent in the retailer’s sales – it hit $5.1 billion in its latest financial year.

But the lavish items are a great marketing tool for the company as part of The Christmas Book, which lists gift ideas for customers for their holiday shopping.

For those on a budget, the book also has items for less than $250.

Previous extravagant Christmas Book items include:

  • A $20 million submarine
  • Mummy cases that contained an actual mummy
  • A Boeing Business Jet that’s worth more than $35 million
  • His and hers $50,000 Vilebrequin Quadskis (jet ski and four-wheel drive car hybrids)
  • An outdoor peacock garden sculpture worth $65,000
  • A cupcake car
  • A Vanity Fair Academy Awards experience worth $425,000
  • His and her mannequin replicas worth $3000 each
  • A Noah’s Ark replica complete with livestock, worth $588,247 (it was never built)


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