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Remember, remember the 5th of November

We are now a month out from that magical day of gunpowder and detonations, and the Environmental Protection Authority has issued a reminder to those importing and retailing fireworks about their obligations when handling these items.

The sale period for retail fireworks runs between 2 and 5 November, and fireworks cannot be displayed or sold outside this period. They can only be sold to people aged 18 or over, and it should go without saying that fireworks displayed for sale in areas accessible to the public must be protected from any ignition source. Fireworks must be displayed in their retail packages.

Sparklers cannot be sold individually, and can only be sold as part of a retail fireworks package containing up to 50 sparklers. This rule was instituted in 2007 to discourage the making of ‘sparkler bombs’, which are extremely dangerous. Packages of fireworks must be made from fire-resistant material and need to have been certified by a test certifier.

Fireworks must not be sold to the public unless they have been tested and have a test certificate confirming they meet the requirements of the Hazardous Substances (Fireworks) Regulations 2001.

More information about fireworks sales can be found on this PDF distributed by the Environmental Protection Authority. 

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