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Ecommerce at Thanks: Minding manners

What’s your website’s point of difference?

Thanks Store began back in 2008 with a loyal local following and has since gathered momentum around New Zealand and overseas. We believe our combination of brand and price point mix, the culture attached to Thanks, the level of trust we have built with our customers and our emphasis on customer service, all contribute to providing a world-class online experience.

What do you think makes a good ecommerce site?

A beautiful design with clear product information, ease of navigation and clear shipping info all adds to providing a seamless shopping experience. Original imagery is key to Thanks Store, we believe that investing time to create and capture original imagery for each of our products on the website allows our customers to gain the closest possible experience to shopping in a physical store.

Content collaboration is also a major focus for Thanks, we regularly connect with local photographers and stylists who amplify our website content through their social networks.

How do you encourage customer loyalty through your ecommerce site?

We look after our customers and provide great customer service, having built up trust over time by being reliable, honest, helpful and friendly. Everything we do has a personalised touch. For example we always include a personalised handwritten note with each order to say “Thanks!”

This story was originally published in NZ Retail magazine issue 739, August/September 2015.

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