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Ecommerce with NZRS: Home advantage

Can you talk about the new .nz domain? 

On September 30th 2014, due to a policy change in .nz, a new registration choice was created. People were able to register shorter, simpler .nz domain names – for example, getyourselfonline.nz as well as getyourselfonline.co.nz. 

Tell us about the role of domains in branding. Where are customer expectations around domain names at, and what kind of changes can we expect to see as TLDs become more common?

Domains, I think, are a key part of any branding strategy. Are you a New Zealand business or a global one? Do you want to highlight your .nz origins to the global market? A domain can help reinforce with potential customers the type of business you wish to be perceived as. 

.nz helps businesses leverage the NZ Inc brand. Some of the new top-level domains may provide opportunities for businesses to target a specific vertical market, although the long-term success of this is yet to be proven.

What’s the best retail website you’ve seen on the .nz domain?

The big brands are not quite there with migrating to a shorter name but it is exciting to see new businesses launching with the shorter name.  An example I came across last week was happymoose.nz.

In addition, we will be populating wemovedto.nz in the coming months to showcase organisations that have made the move.

What about the worst?

Two things leap to mind: not being easy to contact, and not having a mobile-friendly web presence.  

Put your phone number and address on the front page and ensure your website is designed to deliver a great experience on mobile. Around 72 percent of consumers will move to a mobile-friendly site rather than stay on one that is not.

This story was originally published in NZ Retail magazine issue 739, August/September 2015.

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