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Twitter rolls out buy now button for retailers

Twitter’s head of commerce Nathan Hubbards says brands are building direct relationships with consumers via its platform, but what they haven’t had in the past is distribution.

He says the potential for social commerce on Twitter as huge, as more than 50 million tweets a month say “I want” or “I need” something.

Hubbards says it’s particularly important to have a buy button in the age of mobile.

“The next big thing in mobile is ‘buy’ buttons. We’re just at the beginning of transactional mobile commerce. It’s clear to us consumers will be able to buy in the apps where they spend the most time,” he says.

To make it easy for retailers, Twitter’s partnered with the the three major ecommerce platforms: Shopify, Bigcommerce and Demandware.

Bigcommerce CEO Brent Bellm says consumer shopping behaviour is constantly evolving, so Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ functionality allows retailers to stay on top of these trends and boost sales.

Bigcommerce outlines the advantages of ecommerce sales via tweets below:

  • Potential customers can discover and purchase products: Including a “buy” call to action on promoted or organic tweets can highlight products relevant to social conversations, as well as enable shoppers to easily discover and purchase products on desktop, Android and iOS devices.
  • It can increase mobile sales: Mobile browsing can be turned into mobile buying through the Buy Now’s native checkout, rather than routing users to a website to complete the purchase. 
  • It can reduce checkout friction: Repeat purchases can be increased using Buy Now’s checkout flow, which stores and safely encrypts payment and shipping information, allowing returning customers to purchase subsequent items in just two clicks.
  • It can streamline the process: Orders placed via the Buy Now button can be fulfilled and managed within the Bigcommerce control panel for streamlined processing. 

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