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Kathmandu’s new promo turns old gear into Red Cross funds

Kathmandu community coordinator Lindsay Tallott says the initiative will support the Red Cross’s ongoing humanitarian aid efforts.

“At Kathmandu we are dedicated to encouraging all Kiwis to tread lightly, and tread with purpose, in everything they do,” says Tallott. “Trade For New brings both goals together, and allows us to really champion the great work done by Red Cross, both here in New Zealand and overseas.”

Radio starts Mike Puru and Jono Pryor, adventurer Brando Yelavich and television host Shannon Ryan kicked off the promotion by each donating a sentimental travel item for the cause.

This item of clothing has served me well on my travels around the world. I hope the sentimental value and stories this holds can be reflected in dollars well spent at Red Cross,” Ryan said. “Knowing that my donation will help Red Cross to continue their vital work and reduce the amount of used clothing in landfill, makes giving up my sweater very easy.”

Trade For New will run until November 1. Kathmandu has partnered with the New Zealand and Australian Red Cross since 2011.

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