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Ecommerce at Clash Boutique: Online only

What’s your website’s point of difference?

I think we have made it as straightforward and to the point as possible. When we first started constructing the site we focused on a template that was really simple but with the most effective imagery we could produce. I didn’t want heaps of moving images, pop-ups and technical features. The site is there to make shopping with Clash fun and easy. We also do all the images ourselves.

How do you personalise the ecommerce experience for shoppers?

We offer first-time customers discounts when they subscribe to the Clash Collective (our version of a database). To the Clash Collective, we send out an email every couple of weeks with specials, new product that’s on its way and invites to launch nights.

What’s the biggest mistake a retailer could make when it comes to ecommerce?

Rushing the process and not getting their brand represented in the right way. I guess like physical stores I have seen in the past, you can’t just whack on a coat of paint, put some rails in and think product is going to sell. When you enter the online space your competition has just increased by triple and then some. You do have to have something new or different to offer. Some brands also have a tendency to think that their product is strong enough to not have to put an effort into their site. This isn’t the case anymore as everyone is so much more internet-savvy and pretty unforgiving when it comes to poorly-thought-out shopping sites.

This story was originally published in NZ Retail magazine issue 739, August/September 2015.

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