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Ecommerce with Intergen: Rise of the machines

Tell us about the attributes of an excellent retail ecommerce website. What does it have and not have?

A good website will:
– Remove all barriers to entry or simplicity; make it easy for visitors to find what they want and convert; have no crazy shipping or product prices; offer good delivery options.
– Have behaviour based merchandising; cross or upsell based on visitor behaviour.
– Provide consistent messaging and experiences across channels and devices.
– Personalise the experience across channels based on users’ interest and/or behaviour.
– Drive marketing automation; promote conversions; nurture visitors and gain repeat customers.
– Be agile; powerful; easy for retailers to update; run campaigns and easy to continuously optimise the experience for their visitors. In particular, the site must retain relevancy for the visitor.

Can you gaze into your crystal ball for a moment to tell us about the next big thing in ecommerce?

For me, ecommerce will remain on its evolutionary curve. It’s already highly-instrumented with all the data needed to drive the most tailored, adaptive and responsive experiences for online consumers, we just need to use and make sense of what we have. That’s where machines will come in.

Where I see ‘revolution’ occurring is the convergence of this instrumentation across all channels, effectively leveraging the same intelligence about a unique visitor in store as we can get online.  This would ultimately create a joined-up, individual experience across any channel, all underpinned by machine learning, a technology that will present a major opportunity for retailers over the next few years. 

This story was originally published in NZ Retail magazine issue 739, August/September 2015.

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