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Bayfair mall debuts hologram technology

A shopping centre in Mount Maunganui is the first mall in New Zealand to use a 3D holocube display. The display shows a flying dove. Bayfair’s marketing manager says using this hologram technology allows them to stand out in a competitive market.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by light beams, a laser or another clear light source.

Bayfair Shopping Centre says its hologram marketing strategy is a ‘game changer’, as adults and children are coming to its centre to see it.

The flying dove is part of its Spring and Summer campaign to mark the start of the new season.

The hologram is covered in a 3D holocube with a wooden crate, so shoppers have to peep through a hole to see it.

Bayfair marketing manager Kylie McGregor says there are many ways this technology could be used.

“I envisage being able to utilise this technology for upcoming fashion shows and all manner of activities, it’s really exciting, and I love seeing people’s reactions to the flying dove,” she says.

Celebrations Group has the rights to distribute the technology in New Zealand.

Managing director Ron Fisher says the hologram tech can create 3D projections for product-focused brands.

“Holocube has taken the magic behind hologram optical illusions, and adapted it to modern technology in what we believe is the future of marketing, with multiple uses across retail, events, offices, hotels, business conferences and trade shows,” Fisher says.

Hologram-like technology was first used over 70 years ago as a parlour trick called “Pepper’s ghost” – an illusion using a well-angled mirror to project the reflection of a ghost.

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion still uses this technology to this day, but more high tech hologram technology has become available in recent years.

Hologram technology has been used to bring celebrities back from the dead, arguably generating more buzz than any other application. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and Tupac holograms have all performed at various events.

But holograms are also now regularly used in marketing worldwide.

Brands such as BMW and Citroen have been using it for launches of new cars, while Nike, Bulgair and Lancome have been using it for new products.

The Bayfair hologram will be on display to the public until 11 October.

Bayfair is owned by AMP Capital. It previously trialled 3D videos on its malls’ social media accounts.

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