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Westpac rolls out retail ATM coupons

Westpac customers will soon be receiving personalised offers via the company’s ATMs and can use them in local retail stores. The feature will be available on the majority of Westpac’s 550 ATMs from mid-September.rn

The platform is called ‘Rewarded’ and can be tailored to the customer depending on where their money is spent.

A customer using one of the ATMs will find coupons for local businesses which are similar to outlets they’ve shopped at before.

Westpac chief digital officer Simon Pomeroy says it’s a way of rewarding their customers’ loyalty with relevant offers.

“For decades banks have been able to identify a customer’s spend and now we are able to use that information to benefit the customer,” Pomeroy says.

“ATMs have the broadest reach, with more than 70 percent of Westpac customers using them each year. Now we can enhance their experience with relevant offers that might be of interest to them.”

The technology was developed by Hypermedia for Westpac.

Hypermedia managing director Chris Jones says Rewarded was created because Kiwis are more open to advertising content that’s relevant to them.

“Rewarded evolves the ATM experience from transactional to rewarding, because we are able to deliver relevant rewards to the customer,” Jones says.

“This is the future of one-to-one advertising and the first phase in a bigger innovation story.”

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