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A truly unique wine

Burger King has created its own ‘Whopper Wine’. The wine is, thankfully, not burger-flavoured, but it does have an interesting fast-food twist.

Most of us are used to enjoying a big plastic cup of fizzy drink with our burgers. Given that drive-through represented 57 percent of US visits to fast food burger joints in a 2012 report by NPD Group, a fair percentage of diners are probably barely paying attention to their burgers, let alone the accompanying drink.

It’s against this trend towards casual dining that Burger King has introduced the Whopper Wine. The curious move is explained in an advertisement by Madrid agency, La Despensa.

“Fire holds the essence of what we do best, and as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in Spain, now, that’s also true for wine,” says the ad, mysteriously. “With the help of a vinologist and sommeliers, we have innovated the wine-making process.”

The ad goes on to say that the wood of the barrels used to mature Whopper Wine has been given Burger King’s signature treatment – a good flame grilling. This has produced what Burger King describes as “a unique wine”. The wine is meant to enhance the flavour of Burger King’s Whopper burger.

Just 40 bottles of the wine were created, and will be given away to customers who submit creative content related to a memorable moment at Burger King. The promotion seems to be limited to Spain.

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