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Ecommerce at GrabOne: Future proofing

Tell us about GrabOne’s point of difference against other daily deal sites. We understand you had 65 percent market share in 2011 – what’s the percentage now?

We remain number one in the ‘deals’ market, but our business has evolved beyond that to an online marketplace and marketing channel for New Zealand businesses and brands.

One of the core differences is that we are also a software development house. This enables GrabOne to put the local Kiwi customer at the heart of our design and user interface. We use best-practice usability design and testing based on local personas we’ve created using our own purchase data which allows us to be focused on how we approach new features and design.

Does the burgeoning trend towards personalisation in ecommerce mean a lot to you?

GrabOne has been working with personalisation for a couple of years now. With an algorithm that was built in-house, we serve relevant content to subscribed users based on their preferences daily. 

We have gained significant learnings from our initial efforts with  personalisation and relevancy, collected over 4.7 billion data points, and are currently developing next-generation relevancy that will capture purchase and browsing behaviour along with other critical influencers.

We also see the benefit in cross-device communication and geo-locating technology to deliver content at the time and location of a particular consumer need. With around 350,000 GrabOne app downloads, there is a big opportunity for GrabOne and the retailers we work with.

What’s the next step for GrabOne’s website? What do you think will be important to online shoppers/couponers five years from now?

Five years from now, personalisation and relevancy of offers will not just be commonplace, they will be expected by consumers. With our hyper-local and data-led strategies, GrabOne will be at the forefront of this.

With the mass migration of users from desktop to tablet and mobile, ease of transaction and redemption for those platforms is of huge importance.

Loyalty and rewards will become even more critical in engaging and retaining your audience. The New Zealand ecommerce consumer has matured now to the point where she is confident enough to look beyond the sites she knows (including to overseas sites) and is always seeking the best offer on the market. That doesn’t just mean price, but also the overall experience. Most sites are getting to a point now where it’s quick and easy to convert, so the user’s experience should not just be an easy one, but also a rewarding one.

This story was originally published in NZ Retail magazine issue 739, August/September 2015.

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