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How to turn window shoppers into customers

The touchscreen will allow customers, passing foot traffic and window shoppers to shop online at any time. The solution was developed by Labyrinth Solutions, which says customers will be able to make secure purchases, access specific information such as The Homestore’s wedding register, and view special offers.

“Up until this point, digital store windows have been limited to displaying interactive marketing messages and product catalogues,” Labyrinth says. “But consumers want more. They want to be able to shop, to complete a transaction right then and there.”

Knoff-Thomas says he expects to see more of this kind of technology in the months and years to come.

“Other retailers in the Newmarket precinct are embracing online technology in-store by allowing consumers to browse their full product range on an iPad, whilst also having the opportunity to touch and feel the real product,” he says. “For most people clothes and shoe shopping is a tactile and emotional experience.”

Knoff-Thomas says many apparel retailers boast superb window displays which change frequently, but he’s noticed increased competition among eyewear specialists lately. Michael Holmes on Teed St; Gates on Remuera Rd and Parker & Co on Nuffield St were all highlighted.

“The retail market is fiercely competitive so having a distinctive window presence helps attract consumers. Window displays are comparable to a barrow of fruit in a street market. The more colourful and bountiful the fruit, the more alluring it is for the shopper.”

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