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Christchurch Airport extends partnership with JR Duty Free

 The duty free retailer has also secured an agreement with Christchurch International Airport for a 5000 square metre warehouse.

It will be JR Duty Free’s distribution centre for its New Zealand operations, which includes Christchurch and Wellington’s international airports.

It also has stores at Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin and Perth airports.

Previously it had a longstanding store at Auckand Airport alongside DFS, but was replaced by Aelia Duty Free and The Loop Duty Free in June.

Auckland Airport said in a media release that the Aelia and The Loop were chosen in February this year following an international tender process. 

Auckland Airport’s general manager of retail and commercial, Richard Barker, told the New Zealand Herald that the existing duty free retailers were criticised at Auckland Airport’s annual meeting last year for their hard sell tactics, and the new companies promised more relaxed service.

JR Duty Free CEO Milton Lasnitzki says he’s thrilled that the contract has been extended with Christchurch Airport.

“We have done a lot of good work together in the past five years,” Lasnitzki says.

“I recall in particular how our two management teams rallied together very effectively during the extremely trying times following the Christchurch earthquakes in late 2010 and 2011.”

He says passenger numbers have been increasing in recent times, as the South Island is looking very attractive to travellers.

Christchurch Airport’s chief commercial officer of property Blair Forgie says the partnership was cemented through JR Duty’s performance before and since the quakes.

“JR Duty Free has performed strongly through some tough times and we continue to receive positive feedback from our customers,” says Forgie.

He says the company looks forward to JR Duty Free continuing to innovate.

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