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American Apparel attempts to fix sleazy reputation with sloth

American Apparel is skating on thin ice with its financial troubles. Its stock has dropped 87 percent, while its most recent sales declined 17 percent.

It didn’t even have enough money to file a quarterly report this month, as it’s still negotiating with a lender.

The New York Post is reporting a bankruptcy filing is a strong possibility.

This comes after an ongoing battle with the company’s former CEO DOV Charney, who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Charney was fired last year, six months after being suspended for allegedly allowing nude photos of a female employee to be posted online who had accused him of sexual harassment.

He also is accused of misusing company funds.

Charney denies the allegations.

So what is the solution to a heap of bad press and endless financial troubles? Bring in the sloths.

Instead of using its usual risqué advertising that often features models that are nude, in compromising positions and involved in some sort of sexual innuendo, it has employed a sloth named Buttercup.

According to American Apparel’s site, Buttercup is a 23-year-old, three-fingered Bradypus sloth.

The site features a picture of her striking a sultry pose, with the message, “Buttercup has a surprise! Stay tuned.”

The picture is featured above the company’s sustainable clothing collection.

Bringing Buttercup on board may be part of the company’s promise to tone down the sex in its ads and “recast the brand in a positive, inclusive, socially conscious light”.

Something tells us American Apparel hasn’t realised that sloths have a creepy reputation of their own in the form of a meme that features this face.

Perhaps not the best choice of animal for the company tainted by sexual misconduct charges, but at least it’s an improvement on American Apparel’s controversial ads of the past.

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