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Transparent LCD screens are here

The director of TranSign’s Australian branch, Robert Brown, says the screens are definite attention-getters.

“Everyone sees the transparent screens in science fiction movies and goes, ‘Wow, that’s cool,’ says Brown.

He says high street brands are looking for new ways to promote products and redesign a customer’s experience to build stronger in-store connections. The screens could be a way to deliver more content, drive shopper engagement and even keep them in the store for longer by “gamifying” interactions.

“The transparent LCD screen enables customers to view products through the screen, while at the same time, see dynamic high definition content on the screen, which engages and inspires purchase decisions,” he says.

Brown says he looks forward to seeing Kiwi retailers using his product as a delivery tool for creative content, saying the delivery method is only as effective as the content that’s loaded onto it. He says larger chain retailers will be able to switch out content across multiple screens easily.

TranSign Media is partnered with LG and a number of other manufacturers to offer screens in several different sizes and styles.

Brown says pricing starts at less than $500 for a 12’ screen, but their selection gets as big as 84’. The company installed a 55’ screen at Noel Leeming’s Queen St store last year.

A set of digital shelving was Brown’s favourite from the upcoming range. He described it as “like having six smartphones in a row”. The shelving is interactive, and comes with NFC technology so retailers can use it to upload vouchers or otherwise interact with customers’ cellphones

“This technology gives brands the power to tell a story and showcase products in the same space,” Brown says. “We’re currently developing a new fridge door for convenience stores and supermarkets which will allow brands to store chilled products and display dynamic digital content at the same time.”



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