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Shop stocking Zara temporarily closes its doors

A spokesperson for the mall said as far as they knew, The Shop closed last Saturday due to unforeseen circumstances. The Register contacted the store’s operator NZRPG and is waiting for a response.

The store opened with fanfare earlier this month.  Its opening was the first time international fast fashion brand Zara had been sold by a store on New Zealand soil.

Understandably, some customers are a bit miffed by its temporary closure, with one Facebook user saying their friend had travelled from far and wide to visit it.

Hi, will The Shop be open tomorrow please? Very disappointed to come to it today and find it “closed” due to unforseen circumstances.

Posted by Jill Hannigan Quirke on Friday, August 7, 2015

Please tell people when The Shop will re open. I have fiends who travelled a very long way, only to find it closed/not operating!. Shouldn’t you have a notice on your website or on here?

Posted by Jill Hannigan Quirke on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Although Zara’s first entry to the Kiwi market wasn’t as a stand-alone Zara store, some in the industry said that would lead to the brand eventually opening its own store, much like Topshop.

The brand has been stocked at Karen Walker’s The Department Store in Takapuna since 2011.

This identified a demand for the clothing by Kiwi shopper, which led to Topshop opening a flagship store on Queen St this year.

Jason and Rianda Gitmans own the Milford store in which the clothes are stocked.

The Gitmans are directors of Gitmans Limited, an Auckland clothing firm that manafactures and supplies garments to fashion brands across Australasia.

The Gitmans’ website says they have an in-depth understanding of the retail market and leading global fashion trends.

Jason is also the CEO of NexGen Networked Limited, a software company.

He formerly owned Stitch Ministry, a New Zealand clothing label renown for its trend focused womenswear. The business went under in 2010.

Zara is the major division of the Spanish retailer Inditex, which is based in La Coruna.

It is a global fast fashion leader, boasting sales of $19.7 billion for the 2014 financial year.

This means it outpaces other fast fashion retailers, such as Uniqlo, Gap, Primark, Abercrombie & Fitch and Mango. 

Forbes this year reported that Zara had 1,923 stores in 88 countries, with another 162 stores covered by Zara Kids. 

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