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Is this what a store of the future looks like?

The digitally connected store is located in Soho, New York City.

It is a hybrid of ecommerce and technology within a bricks and mortar store, with one of the main features being a ‘connected’ wall.

The wall has a mirrored display that shows runway shows, videos, touch points to request a fitting room, change the environment’s lighting and even order drinks.

This display also features in the changing rooms and act as mirrors for the customer.

Using RFID technology, the wall can recognise the items within the shop and identify other sizes and colours available in products.

This means the environment can be tailored exactly to the customer’s needs.

Customers receive a text when the items in their fitting room are ready.

Creative director Rebecca Minkoff told Retail Touch Points the store plugs a hole that the retail market is currently missing.

“As a woman, I felt there was a lot missing from retail stores that I wanted to offer my customer,” Minkoff said.

“There are pain points in the shopping experience in traditional retail that I wanted to address.” 

The store is available to customers by appointment only, presumably so they can get the attention required to personalise the experience.

As well as the tech-savvy store, Minkoff has products in her fashion line that combine the physical world with the online one.

There’s bracelets that can charge your phone and dresses with a 3D print.

Head of innovation and new ventures at eBay Steve Yankovich says the store is forward-thinking to pass up mannequins in favour of digital displays.

 “Displays, video and connected touch walls can make seeing what products look like in actual use much more engaging and true to life,” Yankovich says.

“Many surfaces and spaces in stores aren’t used efficiently. There are opportunities to help consumers have much more engaging shopping experiences.”

He says personalising the experience can result in more sales.

“If you bring five things into a dressing room and they don’t work, you might be tempted to leave a store,” he says. 

“But what if you could determine the availability of different colours or sizes and request them from associates while still in the dressing room? The connected store’s fitting rooms will make that possible through smart surfaces that can even suggest entire outfits to try.”

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