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Farmers and Pak’n Save named some of NZ’s most trusted brands, Mitre 10 snubbed

The top 10 are listed below:

1. Whittaker’s

2. Dettol

3. Toyota

4. Sony

5. Panadol

6. Tip Top ice cream

7. Yates

8. Resene

9 . Sleepyhead

10. Janola

The amount of brands that were included in the survey isn’t clear, but Reader’s Digest says 1211 New Zealand adults were surveyed about 41 categories of products and services.

According to those surveyed, these are some of the qualities that people attribute to a trusted brand:

  • “Premium quality at an affordable price”
  • “Everlasting, reliable and cost-effective”
  • “Top quality and innovative”
  • “Well-known brand”
  • “Has a positive reputation”
  • “Business longevity”
  • “Owned or made in New Zealand”

Some of these responses may be regarded as naïve, as trust is defined as “believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of.”

Even if a brand is well known, it may not have the best of intentions.

However some are more accurate, like having a positive reputation.

Word of mouth is a key indicator as to whether a brand is trusted, as companies like Nestle (who recently had a fiasco with changing Milo’s recipe) and Cadbury (who lost a lot of consumer trust in their palm oil debacle) don’t feature.

Reader’s Digest says the results show the size of a company doesn’t predict its reputation, as “family-sized companies continue to win consumers’ regard just as much as multinationals”.

This bears some truth, yet the winners are all large, well-known brands, rather than smaller-scale Kiwi companies.

Ultimately, it seems it boils down to brands that are very familiar within households.

An interesting brand featuring in the list is Sanitarium, which has been the subject of controversy for its tax-exempt status as a charity.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church founded the company 100 years ago to promote plant-based health foods, which include Ricies and WeetBix.

A report released by The New Zealand Initiative earlier this year was damning.

It found that the rules in place for the taxing of charities gives them an upper hand over competitors and proposed they be taxed like their competitors, like Hubbards, which has had to settle for ‘highly commended’.

It makes sense Sanitarium tops the list, as Euromonitor’s country report on breakfast cereals found it had the biggest market share, at 31 percent.

The winner of New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand, Whittaker’s, won the award for the fourth year in a row.

Some other examples of retailers who won their specific categories:

Supermarkets: Pak’n Save
Retailers excluding supermarkets: Farmers
Sports stores: Kathmandu
Paints: Resene
Carpets: Cavalier Bremworth
Supermarket home brand: Pams
Brewers: Heineken
Banks: Kiwibank
Petrol companies: Z

Highly commended:

New World
Rebel Sports
The Warehouse
AMI Insurance
Noel Leeming

The Warehouse’s Noel Leeming and red sheds got a spot on the highly commended list, but didn’t take out any of the categories, which will no doubt be a blow.

This honour instead went to Farmers for more trusted retail store, which was recently the subject of controversy after transgender personality Mary Haddock-Staniland was treated poorly at one of their stores.

One surprising omission from the list was Mitre 10, which was number nine on the top 10 list last year.

Mitre 10 has cultivated a huge social media following that seem to trust the brand quite a great deal when it comes to DIY, so it’s surprising it dropped off the list.

We contacted Mitre 10 for comment but haven’t had a response.

Sanitarium and Watties have also dropped from the top 10.

Resene, Janola and Sleepyhead have taken their places.

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