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Safe celebrates cruelty-free companies with Safeshopper

Animal advocacy organisation Safe is offering a consumer-fronting cruelty free seal of approval for businesses. Called Safeshopper, it acts as a shopping guide for customers by listing companies by category that don’t test products on animals.

Safeshopper comes in both online guide and phone app form and features the latest products available in New Zealand.

It is searchable by product type, as you can see on their site here. Companies listed in the cruelty-free guide include ecostore, Sorbet, Antipodes, Lush and Natio.

Safe says although it achieved its goal of a ban on cosmetic testing on animals in March this year, the ban only applies to products created within New Zealand and not imported products.

The guide is meant to be a go to for people if they’re in a supermarket, pharmacy, or department store, as they can research what brands are cruelty-free and buy accordingly.

There also categories for vegan and Kiwi-made products.

The different category guidelines are as follows:


  • Vegan: Entire product range is animal-free.
  • t

  • Some vegan: Some products suitable for vegans. Check label or ask company.
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  • NZ made: Sourced and made in New Zealand.
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  • Parent company may test: Parent company may test other brands on animals.
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  • Contains animal products: Entire range contains animal products.

 Becoming a business that’s listed in the Safeshopper guide is free.

However, companies must complete a questionnaire and sign a legally binding statement declaring that they don’t test on animals to be approved.

The site says that it’s important to note Safeshopper isn’t an accreditation scheme, unlike the ones we’ve seen crop up recently, like Child Labor Free and Conscious Consumers.

Instead, it’s just a shopping guide for customers that Safe says will be seen by thousands of new customers.

Businesses can promote this Safe seal of approval by adding a hyperlink to the guide from their website, including a reference in promotional material, or profiling the Safeshopper website in newsletters, product information, or online store.

There’s something to be said for being a part of an initiative like this, as it’s a tool for companies that want to engage consumers with ethical and environmental values.

Research shows that this is a bigger number than ever before, as a collective consciousness has been sparked with customers.

A 2014 Colmar Brunton survey found that 90 percent of people want to buy ethically and socially responsible products.

As well as this, fair trade retail grew 28 percent in 2014.

Businesses can become a part of it by heading to the Safe website and contacting the organisation.

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