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Streetwear brand revolutionises electrotherapy for young’uns

Instead of designing the device to be unthreatening, Mishka went down the shock value route.

The home treatment kit is aimed at youths and features bold neon colours, bloodshot eyeballs and bolts of lightning.

The brand hopes playing up the stigma around mental illness will in turn normalise it for the younger generation, making it “cool” to treat yourself for anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The way it’s advertised is quite risqué and American Apparel-esque.

It features a good-looking boy and girl trying out the device, and then once they feel the effects, they subsequently share a passionate kiss.

The cranial electrotherapy stimulation device is FDA approved and portable.

It has been prescribed by over 2000 board-certified psychiatrists to patients and can be used alongside drug therapy.

It works by submitting a gentle electrical pulse to the brain, which stimulates it and produces serotonin, endorphins and other feel good chemicals.

Patients can use it twice a day for twenty minutes at a time.

It costs US$599 to buy or US$199 to rent.

Whether this will be a hit with the younger generation or not is up for debate, but it’s definitely a pioneering move by the companies.

Do you know any other scary medical devices that could be redesigned to increase their appeal and take away the stigma?

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