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Data digest: how using digital tools impacts on online shoppers

The study by Epsilon has found emails, printable coupons and sites themselves aren’t having the biggest impact on shopper’s journeys.

The report interviewed more than 2800 primary household shoppers to see which digital tools impacted them the most when shopping.

The tools with the highest overall impact were social media activity and price comparison sites.

However, they had low penetration rates.

Product reviews and shopping applications were also highly rated in terms of influence.

A different study also highlighted the importance of product reviews.

It topped the list as the most important content when visiting a retailer’s site and on shopping apps, at 73 percent.

Daily deal sites and retailer emails were the lowest in terms of impact, but were high in penetration.

Social media was the overall the winner in the results, as three types of different social media were among the top five:

  • Retailer social (29 percent saying it influences them to try new brands and products)
  • Brand social (28 percent)
  • Printable coupons (23 percent)
  • Daily deal sites (23 percent)
  • Friend social (22 percent)

There was also some interesting statistics collated about consumers’ sources of new product awareness.

Word of mouth is still powerful, as the highest-scoring category was ‘friends and family told me about it’, at 56 percent.

Active internet searching and TV ads were also key, at 44 and 52 percent.

Internet ads scored significantly lower than TV ads, at 27 percent.

Social media was high scoring but not the most important, at 26 percent.

Of course, if you can usher the foot traffic to your store, nothing beats it – it was the highest scoring example of what a company can do apart from advertising, at 48 percent.

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