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NZ Post trumpets the border-crossing powers of shopping with YouShop

NZ Post has released another ad for YouShop, its post service that allows Kiwis to shop online at overseas sites that don’t deliver to New Zealand. It comes at a time when Kiwis are becoming increasingly more comfortable clicking their way down the purchase funnel, rather than visiting a bricks and mortar store.

Data from Nielsen shows New Zealanders now buy 18.2 million items each year, to the value of $4.6 billion, and this figure is expected to rise to $4.8 billion by the end of this year. Around 1,952,000 Kiwis made a purchase on the internet during the last year. Two thirds of online shoppers have bought from an overseas website in the last three months, a figure which has risen to 66 percent from 2014’s 61 percent. More than 60 percent of these people said they could not find the equivalent items through a New Zealand retailer.

The percentage of international online shopping would likely be even higher if some online stores weren’t limited in terms of which countries they deliver to. A significant number of online stores do not send their products to New Zealand, meaning that online shoppers are often stopped in their tracks at a time when they’ve already committed to completing a purchase. 

Given the growing willingness of Kiwis to pick the fruits offered by international e-commerce, NZ Post has developed YouPost as a means to enable shoppers to get their hands on items even if the stores don’t deliver to New Zealand.

As explained on the NZ Post website: “YouShop … provides you with an overseas address in the country you’re shopping in. YouShop has addresses available for the UK (for shopping across Europe), the US and China. That means you can shop the world over, all from the one account.” 

And to promote YouPost, the organisation has now released a 30-second ad that tells the story of Dan, a stringed instrument enthusiast, who managed to get his hands on a rare banjo even though the store, located in New Orleans, didn’t deliver to New Zealand. 

The ad was released as part of the ‘You Can’ campaign and is supported by a range of online videos that give viewers further information on how the YouShop offering works.

The video featuring Dan is one many stories currently hosted on the ‘You Can‘ content hub, which has been developed to show how NZ Post has developed its business in response to digital disruption. And while the continued decline of mail deliveries is a problem the organisation is still dealing with, innovations such as YouShop suggest that the NZ Post name won’t be disappearing of the Kiwi consciousness just yet.

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