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Nestlé staff show customers the naked truth

Does making your staff bare all increase customers’ interest in your shop? Nestlé decided to test the theory by having cafe staff wearing nothing but body paint while giving out free coffee. The results that ensued are amusing – customer’s reactions ranged from shock, awkwardness, to being more surprised at free coffee than naked bodies.

For Nestlé’s Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss campaign that launched this week, the marketers wanted to do something with a little bit of cheek – literally.

The company took over café in New York for the day and had the baristas wore nothing but body paint.

Nestlé shopper marketing manager Codie Richards told Ad Week: “It was a one-day pop up, and it was totally new for us”.

“We know that consumers want something natural in their creamer. So what better way to talk about it and make some noise?”

The company set up shop in the store’s basement to watch the reactions of the unsuspecting customers.

The naked models complete with painted aprons served free coffee – and of course the Coffee-Mate creamer.

To add to the gag, other nude models were dotted around the café posing as customers.

From several hours of footage and dozens of free coffees, Nestlé and ad agency 360i have created a one-minute, 33 second video and a 30 second clip that will be pushed on YouTube and other digital channels starting in the next few weeks.

CEO at 360i Pierre Lipton said it was interesting to observe the surprised customers, as they could spot the locals from the tourists from their reactions.

“The New Yorkers were more shocked that the coffee was free than by the naked people making it,” he said.

“They casually took in that the people were naked and then found out their drinks was complimentary, and they were like, ‘Really?’”.  

We’ll have to wait and see whether this cheeky coffee promotion joins the list of ads that have gone viral.

The teaser for the ad can be seen below.

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