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Five percent hike for retail spending last month

The rise is part of a smooth trajectory upward, with retail spending up a seasonally-adjusted 0.5 percent on May 2015. This follows an increase of 1.3 percent in May.

“Spending rose in four of the six retail industries,” business indicators manager Neil Kelly says. “Fuel spending had the largest rise, returning to the levels seen before the price falls of late last year. The rise in fuel was partially offset by falls in apparel and durables spending.”

However, excluding vehicle-related industries, core retail spending was flat in June 2015, following a rise of just 0.4 percent in May.

The total value of electronic card spending, including the two non-retail industries (services and other non-retail), rose 0.6 percent. This rise follows a 1.4 percent rise in May 2015.

Statistics New Zealand says trends for the total, retail, and core retail series have generally been rising since it began reports in October 2002.

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