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NZ-invented marketing tool helps increase shoppers’ loyalty

To use the SnapShop technology, a customer takes a photo of their receipt after buying a store’s promoted item.

They submit the photo either by email or upload it online to SnapShop.

SnapShop then uses its software to validate the purchase and offer the customer points, a voucher or a URL to redeem a prize online.

Director of BTL Shopper Christine Abbott says the SnapShop technology can help retailers, as it has a faster set up and response time than other validation methods out there on the market.

“SnapShop provides a mechanism to reward loyalty, drive gift with purchase, run sweepstakes and competitions and other purchase related promotions,” Abbot says.

“For retailers, there’s the option of daily or even hourly draws to drive frequency and weight of purchase.”

“For shoppers, it’s simpler and easier to use than some other entry validation methods and it’s immediate, with responses or rewards received within seconds or minutes.”

An example of it in action is nappy brand Huggies’ current promotion, which offers shoppers the chance to win a New Zealand designed kiwi, kakapo or lamb towel for their child.

Every time a shopper buys a Huggies product, they email or upload the receipt, which earns them points.

The promotion is meant to increase loyalty and driving sales, as shoppers have to rack up 100 points to be able to pick a towel of their choice.

The technology also offers purchase-based rewards directly to the customer’s mobile phone.

BTL Digital director Regan Hall says SnapShop is flexible enough to be completely customised to a business or brand.

She says it also has fraud detection and accuracy with its receipt technology is “near perfect”.

The technology is the first of its kind here and is patented to BTL within the New Zealand market.

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