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Thunderpants searches for New Zealand’s oldest undies

The search for New Zealand’s oldest pair of undies is part of Thunderpants’ 20-year birthday celebrations.

Thunderpants director Josie Bidwill says they don’t have any idea where the company will find the elderly underpants, as their customer base is diverse.

“But when we find the oldest pair, the owner will be handsomely rewarded with a generous supply of underpants that will hopefully last the winner another 20 years,” Bidwill says.

This means the winner could potentially get 20 new pairs of underpants if they’d been taking good care of their Thunderpants for the previous 20 years.

The prize will be shared if there’s more than one owner of old underwear vying for the prestigious title.

Thunderpants was founded in 1995 by Bidwill and Victoria McKenzie.

The pair were frustrated by uncomfortable undies and decided to create the ultimate underwear which doesn’t cut, chafe or ride up.

Thunderpants has since grown from selling undies at the Nelson market to a company with twelve staff producing clothing, swimwear and undies.

If you want to submit a pair of undies to the competition, email a picture of your oldest Thunderpants to info@thunderpants.co.nz by 17 July.

If the underpants are up to a suitable standard to be seen by the public, a picture of them will be exhibited at the home of Thunderpants in Martinborough.

The exhibition is of the history of Thunderpants and runs through July.

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