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Foodstuffs diversifies product offering in Auckland’s “ethnoburbs”

Foodstuffs North Island general manager of merchandise Baden Ngan Kee says the company has observed clusters of particular ethnic populations and are looking at better ways to serve them.

“Individual stores have been customising their mix of products to meet their neighbourhood catchments for a long time,” Ngan Kee says.

Baden Ngan Kee

“However, this year we have started to apply more science to these decisions and producing insights, such as those shared at the New Zealand Asian Leaders (NZAL) event.”

Speaking at the NZAL forum last week, The NZ Herald reported Ngan Kee saying the Asian community like to have whole fish available that’s been scaled and gutted, so they can steam it and eat it whole.

This is because Asian communities value freshness, value and authenticity, he said.

To cater to the growing Asian community in Albany and the North Shore, Pak‘n Save Royal Oak and Pak‘n Save Albany are offering whole fish on ice, as well as traditional fillets.

He said a designated Asian supermarket had not been ruled out either.

He told The Register that another example of this is Pak‘n Save Mt Albert and New World Mt Roskill having goat meat and Indian herbs and spices to meet the needs of customers in the area.

Ngan Kee says these are shelf changes rather than specific sections, but they’re also looking at how Foodstuff’s international sections can be more effective.

So far, he says the changes had been very well received.

“We are receiving very positive feedback via our store surveys and customers like what we are doing but want more products,” Ngan Kee says.

“They would also like to be able to locate them in the store more easily.” 

Auckland is the primary focus for the company for now, but he says they are also looking at other areas of the North Island.

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