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What we buy in the cold

PriceMe is a Kiwi price comparison site with plenty of metrics available on what shoppers are searching for. From January to May, PriceMe found the largest price increases on the below products:

  • Dehumidifiers + 487 percent
  • Electric heaters + 412 percent
  • Electrical blankets + 332 percent
  • Heatpumps + 31 percent
  • Moisturisers + 4 percent

Chief executive Henrik Johansson said PriceMe excluded winter clothes and ski-related products. He said the company expected demand for moisturizer would spike, but this doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

The Warehouse Group’s head of PR and media, Julia Morton, says warm clothing such as onesies, slippers, thermals, flannel pyjamas, knitwear and sweatshirts are predictably in demand over winter.

Heating products and winter bedding is popular, but so, unexpectedly, are storage items and coat hangers.

“Customers are using these colder days as a time to tidy up and sort out their homes,” Morton says.

She says toys priced under $10 such as bubble liquid, Hotwheels cars and Play Doh tubs move fast as parents seek good ways to keep their kids entertained inside.

Also proving popular at the moment are jars of Nescafé instant coffee and big tins of Milo, as well as spring garden bulbs and fitness accessories.

Auction site Trade Me also compared January sales with May to get an idea of what seasonal changes do to sales. Trade Me communications and community, Jeff Hunkin, indicated that the biggest growth was across:

  •  Ski gear + 207 percent
  •  Heaters and dehumidifiers + 108 percent
  • Jackets + 91 percent
  • Lycra and wool fabric + 83 percent
  • Dog apparel + 83 percent
  • Non-fiction books + 72 percent
  • Socks + 65 percent
  • Knitting and weaving accessories + 61 percent
  •  Luggage sets + 59 percent
  • Childrens’ jeans and trousers + 60 percent

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