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Is your brand connecting or intruding on social media?

Marketers in social media have developed a specialist lexicon around earned, owned and paid media. And, understandably so as brands struggle to keep up with the fast-changing landscape of digital not only from an ROI perspective but also through the eyes of the people who are experiencing their digital output.

It’s not news that users of digital spaces don’t think that brands have a providential right to be there. No matter whether marketers classify their output as owned, paid or earned, people expect brands to earn the right to mingle in their social digital landscape.

The overarching relationship is predicated by a tacit deal – “What are you contributing and what do you want from me?” And when the deal isn’t balanced, people have no qualms about taking without giving. So how can brands know if their content is balanced?

TRA monitors interactions in the digital space for a range of brands in New Zealand. Using its Social Currency Index, the agency has the ability to analyse both the quantity and quality of interactions, producing data which shows that the volume of interactions with a brand’s content do not always represent a balanced deal.

People might click on competitions, they might click “likes” for something free, but when you blend the volume of interactions with sentiment analysis you can see how the deal is working – and more importantly, whether it is in balance.

Getting this balance right is what drives effective campaigns and content and understanding what works within this framework is what brands need to do to connect with people in a way that feels balanced and not an intrusion into their personal and social space.

This story was originally published in NZ Retail magazine issue 737, April/May 2015.

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