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Sistema is clipping into place in North America

New Zealand plastics fabrication company Sistema Plastics Ltd says it’s well on the way to becoming a global brand, and is strengthening its position in Canada and the US with a new partnership.

Owner and managing director Brendan Lindsay founded Sistema 30 years ago from his garage in Cainbridge. The products remain New Zealand made, and are now exported to 82 countries. In a promotional video distributed by the company, Lindsay said Sistema had grown by 80 percent over the last two years.

Lindsay and Simon Kirby, who is president of distributor Sistema USA, announced this month that they will be forming a 50/50 joint venture company to take over and manage the distribution and sales of Sistema products in Canada and the USA. Despite its name, Sistema USA is a separate company that’s independent to Sistema Plastics Ltd. The new partnership will be called Sistema Plastics US LLC.

Lindsay says the partnership will bring real benefits to Sistema’s continued expansion through shared information systems and opportunities around increased capacity, as well as added financial strength from Sistema Plastics.

He said the joint venture will allow Sistema to take full advantage of the “huge opportunity” represented by the US market.

“Sistema product is either on the shelves or on the radar of the major retailers and our new joint venture will mean we can work together to take advantage of the growing demand for Sistema products on the American continent.”

Sistema Plastics director Wendell Phillips says Sistema has been approached by big retailers in North America.

“We deal with most of the majors now, but Walmart and people like that are the size that’s now approaching us and we need to have the facilities to cope with the increase in business.”

He said Sistema’s operations in the US and Canada were now worth tens of millions of dollars, describing the overall business as growing “exponentially”. Phillips says Sistema sees itself as becoming a genuine world brand, but is committed to keeping its manufacturing in New Zealand.

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