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Freight company attracts Kiwi retailers with green incentives

Australian independent customs clearance brokerage Platinum Freight Management has opened its first permanently staffed international office in Auckland, and is targeting Kiwi retailers with a range of special offers.

The company is responsible for managing all export and import customs clearance processes for its retailers, servicing all levels of the trade.

Chef executive Peter McRae says it takes the stress out of importing and exporting, and the processes that go with it.

“For retailers trading from global ports as far as China and North America, having one representative for their offices, warehouses or customers on both sides of the Tasman is increasingly critical to effective importing and exporting logistics, not to mention a cost-saving advantage.”

Platinum Freight Management’s Green Cargo program offers discounts on the import costs of environmentally friendly goods such as long-term-use shopping bags for general retailers, through to water tanks and solar panels for industrial retailers and distributors.

It also has a Young Entrepreneurs Program which gives “huge discounts” to start-ups run by people under 25. This will apply to young independent retailers, as well as young exporters of sufficient quantities of handmade or locally produced goods.

Finally, Platinum can also negotiate special importing exemptions for retailers and companies importing on spec for events such as NZ Fashion Week, avoiding unnecessary customs charges.

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