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Data digest: Google’s findings on NZ shoppers

Google has found the internet is key for consumers when sourcing items to buy.

Almost all of those surveyed do online research while finding out about local shops.

Just under half (40 percent) research online and 52 percent research both online and offline.

As well as this, over half (52 percent) of those surveyed said they were first made aware of a product during pre-purchase research online.

A further 42 percent were made aware of a product in store.

The research found consumers researching online drives sales both in-store and online.

It found 29 percent research online and purchase online, while 21 percent research online and purchase offline.

When consumers are searching for a locally based business, the majority (58 percent) are looking for prices of items, then availability (33 percent), locations of shops (31 percent), reviews (27 percent) and hours (28 percent).

As for the international shoppers in New Zealand, more than half (58 percent) of those surveyed make a purchase on an overseas site at least once a year.

What motivated people to buy overseas was mostly the availability of products (43 percent), better payment and service conditions (28 percent) and broader range (28 percent).

Clothing, books, cosmetics and computer hardware and software were some of the most popular products purchased from overseas sites.

Google’s insights also highlight the importance of having a mobile-friendly site, as smartphones are a huge access point for internet users.

Smartphones proved to be popular across all age categories, with under 25s leading the charge (92 percent own one).

The majority of those aged 25 to 44 also use a smartphone (84 percent).

Over a third (37 percent) said they use their smartphone to find product information just as often as they use a computer.

Google’s company director Tony Keusgen says the results show smartphones have come of age in New Zealand, with the majority of Kiwis owning one.

He says this has repercussions on how New Zealanders behave online.

“When it comes to searching online, we now use mobile phones almost as much as desktop computers,” Keusgen says.

“With our phones readily available all day, we use them to help us in hundreds of micro-moments every day. It’s fair to say that Kiwis no longer go online, we live online.”

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