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Mobile advertising spend up 88 percent, IAB says

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s chief executive Adrian Pickstock revealed a fast-growing digital ad spend at the retail-specific “Vertical Snapshot” presentation with PwC on May 27.

The IAB is the trade association for online and mobile advertising. It reported the total online spending for interactive advertising in Q1, 2015, as $179.88 million, with a year-on-year increase of 53 percent.

The search and directory market was the star performer, growing 91 percent over a year to reach $108 million, but mobile showed good growth. It accounts for 60 percent of the total interactive advertising spend.

Pickstock says the mobile category totals just $3.86 million, but shows a “really exciting” increase of 88 percent year-on-year. He added that smartphones are still getting more traction than tablets, with phone-based advertising revenue increasing 110 percent against tablet revenue growth of 34 percent.

Like mobile advertising, online video is also on the up. It’s comparatively small at $6.3 million but increased by 39 percent year on year.

Classified advertising includes sites such as Trade Me. It takes up 20 percent of the total interactive advertising spend, and is holding steady at 2 percent growth.

Display advertising has seen a 32 percent increase year-on-year, rising to $32.11 million. Of the top-spending sectors within display advertising, retail has dropped from second place down to eighth, taking up just 7.26 percent of the category spend.

Kathleen Gunther, senior account manager from Airwave NZ, spoke at the presentation on how New Zealand brands are using mobile advertising. She says a lot of customers research products with their mobiles, emphasising the omnipresence of these devices: “It’s the first screen, it’s the last screen at night, it’s the whole way through.”

She thinks more companies should be using mobile for branding campaigns, but warns that the limitations of mobile must be kept in mind.

“People forget that you’re on this tiny little screen and you can only do so much, so you really need a simple call to action.”

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