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Trendy offices keep employees happy, Spaceworks study finds

Spaceworks Design group, a fit out company, commissioned the study to determine whether a workspace can impact an employee’s performance.

It also wanted to find out whether spatial design helps to enhance creativity, innovation and collaboration.

For the most part, workers had relatively simply requirements.

The most important aspects of being happy at work were having a good company culture (94 percent), having their own personal desk or space (89 percent) and having a good, even air temperature (90 percent).

But the survey found just providing these core needs might not be enough to keep employees happy or attract new recruits.

Over three quarters of respondents said they’d be more likely to stay at their current company if has an inspiring office space.

As well as this, 60 percent said the office interior had a substantial impact on their decision to work for the company.

Only four in ten said they believe their office is adopting new trends in the workplace design space.

What’s more, only 50 percent of New Zealand office workers think their workspace stimulates innovation and creativity.

Spaceworks managing director Lizzi Hines says New Zealand is a nation of innovative workers and entrepreneurs, so there is a lot of untapped potential in employees.

“By designing more offices, which unleash greatness in all of us, we’d be producing far better work … Companies that encourage employees’ creativity and innovation by having an inspiring workspace will be ahead of the game both nationally and internationally,” Hines says.

Within retail, interiors are often focused on the customer’s experience, rather than the employee’s experience.

Spaceworks has worked with various companies to provide either an office space or a combined retail and office space. We take a look at some of them below.

Leading Edge partners with some of New Zealand’s leading brands to deliver sales results more efficiently and effectively.

It works to enhance client’s customers’ engagement and experience in various industries, including retail.  Spark retail is one of Leading Edge’s clients.

Lightplan is a shop for lighting solutions and accessories that combines an office, retail space and showroom all in one.

Consultant’s desks and consultation hubs are weaved into the retail space.

House of Travel is a travel shop that wanted its stores to pack a punch and deliver a memorable experience.

Instead of having the “Meerkat Principle” happen, which is when someone walks into a travel store and all the employees look up, desks were angled so that few workers faced the front door.

Online meal subscription service My Food Bag wanted their head office to be flexible enough to accommodate both office work and experimenting with food.

The space is home to both its office workers at one end and a massive kitchen to trial out new recipes in at the other.

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