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Vend teams up with Apple to promote its mobile services on iOS and iPad

Vend says its retail platform already integrates easily with other apps to provide a well-rounded business platform for business owners.

These include Xero (accounting software) and Deputy (employee scheduling).

It is working closely with Apple to reach more retailers and show them how devices like an iPad can transform their business.

Vend founder and CEO Vaughan Rowsell says he’s excited to show a new audience of retailers how mobile can further their businesses.

“Built on iOS, Vend enables retailers to get out from behind the counter, be truly mobile, and deliver amazing customer experiences,” Rowsell says.

“[The] iPad is increasingly becoming an essential business tool for retailers, as sales associates grab an iPad and go mobile inside the store – wherever the customer is on the shop floor.”

In a retail situation, shop assistants using an iPad or iPhone can move freely move around stores and be able to check customer details, look at stock inventory, provide customer loyalty benefits and make a sale so the customer avoids a queue at the checkout.

Business managers can check in on the business remotely on their phone, from home or while on holiday.

The owner of San Francisco fashion store TopShelf Style, Christina Ruiz, says having the Vend system on her iPad means she can be anywhere and see how her store, truck and online sales are performing.

“This is key to efficiently managing TopShelf’s growth,” Ruiz says. 

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