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Online retail spending in NZ now exceeds $3 billion, says BNZ

The split between domestic and online sales was higher in April, with 58 percent spent domestically and 42 percent spent overseas.

In the 12 months ended April, the split was 59 percent spent domestically versus 41 percent internationally.

Over the past year, international sites have gained a 2.5 percent market share.

For the year ended 31 March, online retail sales monitored by BNZ represented 6.4 percent of overall retail spend.

When grocery and liquor sales are excluded, online spending makes up 9.7 percent of retail sales.

Clothing, footwear and accessories, as well as electrical and electronic goods are contributing to just over 40 percent of growth in spending at international sites.

Sales at daily deal sites continue to decline. In the three months ending in April, daily sales decreased 14 percent.

But those with bricks and mortar stores shouldn’t fear, as things are looking up for them too.

The March retail quarter performed well both online and offline, with officially reported retail sales (mostly bricks and mortar) up 5.8 percent from a year earlier.

As well as this, physical store sales are outpacing domestic shop’s online sales.

Electronic Card Transactions (ECT) are up 5.3 percent on April last year.

This mainly reflects sales at physical stores and outpaces the 2.7 percent rise in online spending at domestic retailers.

Groceries, liquor and specialised food, as well as electrical and electronic goods, are responsible for over 60 percent of growth in online spending at domestic sites.

Growth rates across sectors from February to April:

  • Groceries and Liquor up 18 percent
  • Furniture and Housewares up 5 percent
  • Electrical and Electronic up 17 percent
  • Entertainment Media, Recreation up 10 percent
  • Clothing, Footwear up 10 percent
  • Pharmacy, Cosmetics up 10 percent
  • Variety, Department, Other up 7 percent
  • Daily Sales specialists down 14 percent

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