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Kiwi company provides easy customer feedback platform

It already has nearly 1000 businesses using the software worldwide, and is experiencing triple-digit growth month on month. We asked Ward what it can do for retailers.

Tell us about AskNicely’s applications for SMEs. We understand the platform is free for fewer than 100 surveys per month – our readers are likely to ask, ‘What’s the catch?’

There is no catch! 

Our aim is to become the global standard for real time customer feedback and a key part of our business philosophy is to create price points that make the decision to use AskNicely a no-brainer for businesses of any size. We truly believe in the capability of AskNicely to transform businesses of all shapes, sizes, sectors and markets so making our product accessible is fundamental for us.   

Larger companies requiring high volumes and/or more sophisticated CRM integrations engage with AskNicely at a different investment level although they too enjoy an order strong saving relative to other products on the market.

Can you name some Kiwi retailers using AskNicely? How has it benefited their businesses?

We have a great cross-section of Kiwi businesses using AskNicely, all experiencing really impressive results. From businesses like fashion company I Love Ugly to brands such as Orcon, Vend, BigPipe (Spark) and a number of other local retailers who we are currently in early collaboration with, the ability to be able to measure and improve satisfaction across their entire customer base on a daily basis is hugely powerful and influential in the success of these businesses. 

We hear feedback, almost daily from here and all around the world, with outstanding examples of how significant improvements to customer support, the ability to intercept and influence customer experiences in real time as well as the simplicity and effectiveness of integrating AskNicely has handed the reins for customer insights and support back to businesses, all wrapped up with daily reporting (a world first from AskNicely!), competitive price point and a one-click, easy experience for their customers.

For smaller retailers not yet convinced about the value of ongoing, formalised customer feedback, what can you tell them?

Customer word of mouth can make or break your business – that’s a fact! 

WOM is now the holy grail for businesses, especially smaller retailers who don’t have big marketing budgets, so the ability to avoid negative WOM or online reviews  can really make a world of difference. By proactively requesting feedback from all your customers on a daily basis you can intercept poor experiences and address the most common issues people encounter with your brand (one’s people don’t tell you unsolicited). 

You’ll also identify your most loyal advocates who you can engage to refer your brand, post reviews, testimonials etc.

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