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Data digest: What social media platform best suits your business

A survey by Shopify found out some interesting statistics surrounding businesses on social media.

The survey measured which social media drives visits and sales to Shopify stores.

It found Facebook had the biggest market share by visitor count, driving 63 percent of traffic. This was followed by Pinterest (13 percent) and Twitter (10 percent).

However, the report may be swayed in Facebook’s favour as Shopify has a close working relationship with Facebook.

It launched the Shopify Facebook store in 2013 to include a shop button on businesses’ Facebook pages, so it’s worth taking that with a grain of salt.

Shopify had more interesting data surrounding other social media sites.

Polyvore, a fashion website where users can search for a certain clothing item across the internet, has a higher average order spend ahead of the big players like Facebook.

Users, on average, spent $66 at affiliated stores after visiting Polyvore.

Instagram and Pinterest came next in their average order spend, with users spending $65 and $58.

Facebook came in at $55 and Twitter at $46.

The survey also found that particular industries suit different types of social media better than others.

If you’re selling gifts, home and garden products, or books and magazines, take a look at the chart below as you could be missing an opportunity.

And here’s a look at different kinds of products that are popular on different social platforms.

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